Java Cake Games#

Here are three of my latest and greatest works, all created with libGDX. You can find more at my profile.

One of these days I'll get around to uploading more source code to my GitHub page. But that day is not today.

Java Cake Social#

Why not say hello on Discord or give my blog a follow?

I have other accounts but there's nothing to see on them, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Java Cake Branding#

Where space allows, the full "Java Cake Games" name is preferable to avoid confusion with other things. It may be shortened to any of the following: Java Cake, JCake, JCG.

Java Cake Cactus#

This was a placeholder image on the old website, and by Jove am I keeping it on this new one:


Java Cake Privacy#

As per Google Play policy, I am required to have a privacy policy. This applies to the following apps:

Java Cake Games does not collect any data about you. As my apps do not connect to the internet, they have no means of collecting data. This may change in future for new apps, and I will update the privacy policy accordingly.

If you download via the Google Play Store, some data such as the fact you downloaded will be held by Google. Certain details are fed back to me, such as the number of users who have the app installed and the public names of any reviewers. This aspect is out of my control.

Java Cake Games